Tools to remove stigmatizing and personal information from search engine results.
We are building a platform to provide an automated takedown complaints for the removal of sensitive information from search engines. If you know any legal advice, state bill, or technical tool, please send them to us via the Support button.
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If you indicate your state of residency we can help you to locate the local laws and tools for you.

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More about the Right to Remove

Right to Remove is an Internet privacy policy which identifies straightforward categories of information for the Right to Remove content from search engines results in correlation with your name. It helps to remove personal and stigmatizing pictures, records, and links from Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines.


Right to Remove adapts and improves the Right To Be Forgotten for the United States. The policy is designed to navigate freedom of speech and privacy laws. Beyond the campaign, it provides practical removal solutions through automated takedown scripts, legal advice, and support for the individuals affected.


Right to Remove is designed to help everyday people and vulnerable individuals. This platform is for those who cannot afford legal and technical means, such as online reputation management solutions, and for individuals under pressure from interpersonal relationships, state apparatuses, and financial difficulties.


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