Right to Remove.
Press Release, NYC, 10th October 2018.

The Right to Remove privacy policy adapts and improves upon the Right to Be Forgotten for use in the United States. The policy is designed to balance freedom of speech and privacy laws, permitting consumers to remove stigmatizing and discriminatory content from Internet platforms.

We are delighted to announce that the Right2Remove campaign is growing into a formal organization and developing partnerships with institutions to advocate for this essential privacy right in the United States.

The Right2Remove now has a director, Scott Philotoff, and an advisory board with Sarah Esther Lageson, assistant professor at Rutgers University, and Dan Shefet, president of AAID and lawyer, who won an important case against Google.

We are also glad to announce that we started a partnership with the Association for Accountability and Internet Democracy (AAID), which advocates internationally for the Right to Be Forgotten and regulating Internet platforms. AAID Local U.S. Chapter would need to include local opinion leaders and policy makers. Would you be interested in joining AAID’s prestigious Advisory Board? See the current members and partners of AAID here:

We have published a mission statement that identifies our principles and defines what the Right2Remove is:

Beyond our organizational efforts, the Right2Remove community consists of activists, affected individuals, lawyers, and journalists who are committed to seeking solutions to this problem. Our community’s tenacious spirit is spread across the country, and it needs your support. Join the mailing list here:

The Right to Remove privacy policy and content moderation on Internet platforms will be discussed with subject-matter experts in a panel organized by Paolo Cirio and the Center for Technology, Society & Policy at The School of Information, University of California Berkeley, on November 15:

Moreover, the Right2Remove was recently discussed by Sarah Esther Lageson on Douglas Rushkoff’s successful Team Human podcast:

And the Right2Remove was also featured in The Guardian US in June:

These interviews flesh out the magnitude of this problem and its context. Unfortunately, our debate has become an ideological and polarizing one that ignores the real people affected and the solutions readily available.

An undeveloped and privileged understanding of free speech in America has brought about the suffering of millions of everyday citizens. Only recently free speech absolutists in the U.S. have been defeated by the banning of conspiratorial content from Internet platforms. This makes us wonder why most privacy organizations in the U.S. don't support victims of inequality and injustice who have been affected by indelible records that are aggregated by Internet search engines and social media platforms. Such timid posturing is how privacy inequality is created in the U.S. and how it ultimately deepens social and economic inequality in society.

The Right2Remove aims to restore the freedom of speech to those who have been silenced by digital harassment, punishment, or shaming on the Internet. Muting everyday people, Internet platforms don’t offer the afflicted the right to speak for themselves with their own voices. Meanwhile, vulnerable individuals are tagged and profiled on public lists, causing them to be persecuted, shunned, and surveilled by society. This situation, coupled with the so-called free speech absolutists and cyberlibertarians’ staunch position, produces widespread discrimination, which results in poverty, homelessness, suicides, and despair.

These ideas have been addressed in theoretical works by Paolo Cirio and Dan Shefet; these texts grapple with abuse, persecution, and surveillance on the Internet.

“Perceptions on Systems of Justice over the Internet” by Paolo Cirio:

Declaration of Independence II” and “Net-Worth” by Dan Shefet:

Over 3,500 people already signed the petition for our Internet privacy policy Right to Remove, which improves and adapts the Right to Be Forgotten for use in the United States. Sign the petition here:
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The Right2Remove was founded in 2016 by Paolo Cirio, international Internet activist and artist.

Thank you for your attention and support.
Paolo Cirio, Scott Philotoff, and the Right2Remove team.